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3D product modeling is the initial stage of visualization that transforms drafts or illustrations into life-like images. This process converts basic visuals into top-notch 3D images that captivate viewers instantly. By incorporating color, material, scaling, texture, and other essential details, 3D modeling breathes life into visuals. It also verifies the physical validity, working capability, and proportions of the product

Top 3D model categories for e-commerce

Technical devices

Manufacturing equipment

Household appliances

Electronic gadgets


Kitchenware and appliances

Sanitary ware

Home decor

Interior accessories

Packaging design

This list represents just a fraction of the products that can be modeled. 3D modeling services cater to various products and tasks, making it a versatile solution for many industries

Portfolio Examples

Walk-In Bathtubs

Accessible bathtubs designed for easy entry and exit, providing safety and comfort

Towel Warmers

Devices that heat towels, adding a touch of luxury to bathrooms

Shower Doors

Glass doors for showers, providing a sleek and modern appearance

Range Hoods

Kitchen hoods that extract smoke, steam, and cooking odors

Smart Toilets

High-tech toilets with features like bidets, heated seats, and automated flushing

Water Heaters

Appliances that provide hot water for bathing, cooking, and cleaning

Exhaust Fans

Ventilation fans that remove moisture and odors from bathrooms and kitchens

Barn Doors

Stylish sliding doors often used in interior design for a rustic look

Steam Generators

Devices that produce steam for steam showers and steam rooms

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Stationary Saunas

Fixed saunas for home or commercial use, providing relaxation and health benefits

Fireplace Portals and Mantels

Decorative frames and shelves for fireplaces, enhancing home aesthetics

Farmhouse Sinks

Large, deep sinks that offer a vintage and functional kitchen design

Garbage Disposal

Appliances installed under kitchen sinks to grind food waste for easy disposal


Bathroom furniture that includes a sink, countertop, and storage


Fixtures for controlling water flow in bathrooms and vessel sinks

Kitchen Faucets

Versatile faucets designed for kitchen sinks, often with features like pull-out sprayers

Walk-In Bathtubs

Accessible bathtubs designed for easy entry and exit, providing safety and comfort

Applications of 3D Product Modeling

3D product modeling is pervasive daily, from magazines to catalogs showcasing bathtubs or range hoods. It is a time-saving tool and an excellent way to realize a product’s potential by displaying it in various backgrounds and angles

Presentations & Key Visuals

Effective product shots are essential for presentations. 3D artists generate eye-catching visuals for brochures, catalogs, advertisements, the retail industry, and commerce

Technical Visualization

Highlighting product features and specifications difficult to capture with traditional photography, especially for large or complex equipment

Prototyping and Validation

Creating prototypes of products to test and validate designs before mass production, saving time and resources

Product Development

Facilitating collaboration between designers, engineers, and stakeholders by providing a clear visual representation of products throughout the development process

Online 360 Product Viewer

Offering interactive 3D models that customers can rotate and view from all angles, enhancing the online shopping experience by providing a comprehensive view of the product

Interactive User Manuals

Creating 3D models for interactive user manuals, helping users understand product assembly and functionality more easily

Service Workflow

  1. Information Gathering: Collect dimensions, photographs, references, and drafts from the customer.
  2. Initial Model Creation: Produce a low-poly model with gray materials and lighting.
  3. Customer Feedback: Make necessary modifications based on customer feedback and refine the details.
  4. Conformance Inspection: Ensure the product shape matches the reference photos and make adjustments if needed.
  5. Finalization: Add materials and textures to the product.

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